The demographics here at Eastern Hills are diverse and wonderful. From our new born babies to our most senior adult we strive to meet the needs of all and encourage all who are able to find a ministry that will help them to be active in Christ and continue in their growth and the growth of Christ’s church.

We at Eastern Hills feel that a person’s ability to “…still bear fruit in old age,” and “…stay fresh and green, proclaiming, ‘the Lord is upright;…” (Psalm 92:12-15) remains as long as there is breath. Therefore, we encourage our senior adults to remain active in their best area of ministry. We encourage ourselves to be “Seniors of Service” in that we use our talents to help others, in any age group, by using our wisdom, knowledge and experience to help them grow in “…wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man.”

Here at Eastern Hills we always want to be mindful and responsive to the needs of our senior adults, and we want to continue to remember that one of those needs is to be active and growing in Him continually. Come and see…what a loving a caring family can provide.

Following are the areas where we all can participate:

  • Transportation:  Is available for those in need.  Just call the church office with the request, giving details as to time and place, including if there is a special need involving a walker, wheelchair, etc.
  • Household:  This involves cleaning, washing, ironing, tidying up (general work around the interior of the home) while the person is recovering from illness, etc.  Just let the office know what is needed and for how long.
  • Shopping:  This requires doing necessary errands such as going to the cleaners, banking, utility payments, shopping for general needs and also special dietary needs.
  • Sitting:  Is available, advise as to the day(s) and times per week needed.  (Advise if there is a medical condition that requires skilled care, and duration.)
  • Yard Work:  Work that is needed around the home that the person is unable to perform.  If the task requires more than one person, let the church office know.
  • Interior/exterior Repairs:  This is coordinated by calling the church office and requesting a visit to your home.  A determination will be made to the work involved and time and skill level required and the number of people required.
  • Spiritual:  A devotional and communion will be given to those who are unable to attend services at the scheduled times on Sunday regardless of their place of residence.